Putney Community Development
Task Forces 

This is a repository for information concerning the Vermont Council on Rural Development Task Forces of Putney, Vermont. 

March  2024 Newsletter

It has been a full year since the creation of Putney’s Task Force Groups. 

Read below for important updates about what has happened and what they have planned for the future

The complete report of the original VCRD process detailing how this got started is available on-line. You can also pick up a hard copy at the General Store and at Putney Town Hall

 The Town Plan

The town Planning Commission worked diligently to complete this 8-year plan by the end of 2023. Although it is a separate process the Town Plan is intrinsically tied to the information that came out of the VCRD process

 Town Manager and The Selectboard

Karen Astley and the members of the Selectboard are following the activities of the Task Forces with great interest. You can expect them to guide and advise on subjects that should come before the town, either for Selectboard approval or town vote.

From the "Our Future Putney" 

March 2024 Newsletter

The General Store showing off the efforts of Putney Shines, a sub-group of the Downtown Revitalization Task Force.


The Downtown Revitalization Task Force is now Discover Putney


Over the course of the past year, the Downtown Revitalization Task Force of about 90 interested people and about 30 active participants, was able to undertake:



In addition to these activities, the Downtown Task Forces’ several committees generated many ideas for projects to improve Downtown Putney. These range from streetscape ideas to enhancing the look, navigation, safety, and functionality of downtown to support and promote businesses and community cohesiveness.

To keep the momentum going and provide a way for these and other projects to be realized, the Task Force transitioned in January 2024 to a more permanent downtown organization - Discover Putney.


Discover Putney, which has existed in a variety of ways for several decades, welcomed the volunteer energy of the Task Force and shares its mission: To enhance the beauty, functionality, inclusiveness, and prosperity of Putney by making downtown a place where people want to live, work, and spend time.


Discover Putney, now has a transitional new board of directors, and is working to secure federal tax-exempt, non-profit status to support fundraising. The new Discover Putney is organized along the lines of the Main Street America model for community revitalization with four committees (Organization, Economic Vitality, Design, and Promotion) to prioritize, fund and make happen the many great ideas of the past year.


Discover Putney is working with the Town on overlapping concerns and recently supported the Town’s re-certification of its Village Center and Neighborhood Development Area designation, and the important effort to renovate and update the historic Putney Town Hall to inspire and support downtown revitalization and community development.


Catherine Stephan (catherine@yellowbarn.org) Lyssa Papazian (lyssa@lyssapapazian.com)       

Putney Downtown Revitalization Task Force/Discover Putney

Main Street Approach

Revitalizing Putney’s Downtown

Main Street Approach 102523 - Copy.pdf

Organization Committee

(coming soon)

Design Committee

(coming soon)

Economic Vitality Committee

(coming soon)

Promotion Committee

(coming soon)

Housing Task Force

Meeting Minutes (coming soon)

Next Meeting: Monday, March 11 at 4 pm at Putney Cares.

From "Our Future Putney" March 2024 Newsletter

A Local housing developer leads the way on Putney’s December 2023 downtown infill walking tour with Vermont Housing and Community Planning

 The Housing Task Force


Volunteers on the Putney Housing Solutions Task Force continue to work shoulder-to-shoulder to create "affordable, safe, and quality housing for seniors and people of all ages and income levels."   

Over the past year, we have met as a collective (and in subgroups) with our next taskforce meeting happening on Monday, March 11 at 4 pm at Putney Cares.   


Highlights from this year's efforts include:



Moving forward, we have agreed on the following working objectives

Putney Housing Solutions’ Working Objectives


One of our first priorities in 2024 is to generate strategic, collaborative partnerships with Putney organizations, residents and municipal committees, along with the creation of a Putney Diversified Community Investment Fund to serve small, local developers (and their crews) to add to Putney’s housing stock. 


Come contribute your unique skills and resources to create housing solutions for Putney! 


Marcella Eversole     marcellaeversole@gmail.com


Community Center Task Force

Meeting Minutes (coming soon)

From "Our Future Putney" 

March 2024 Newsletter

The ‘Develop a Community Center’ Task Force

The Community Center Task Force is working towards creating a virtual hub to house the many resources identified on our asset mapping.  The subcommittee for this project incudes Katy Emond, Ruby McAdoo, Kora Skeele and Libby North. 


We've also been working with the town to plan for the future Town Rec Board.  Libby North, current Rec League coordinator and Task Force member has been working to establish new bylaws for the Rec League as well as a detailed timeline of goals to achieve at our next town meeting. 


Finally, we are excited to introduce a new subcommittee, led by Laura and James Chapman, that is exclusively working to create a skatepark for Putney. 


Katy Emonds     katy.emond.82@gmail.com

Upcoming Meetings 

Housing Task Force Next Meeting: Monday, March 11 at 4 pm at Putney Cares